The sequel to our celebrated Pretty Brilliant issue is almost here! About women finding themselves in relentlessly wild places at the mercy of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and void.

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PRETTY BRILLIANT women in the arts Vol. II

On Friday the 2nd of December 2022, See All This art magazine will publish #28, the second volume in the award winning Pretty Brilliant series. Two years ago we published the first volume of Pretty Brilliant: a dazzling voyage of discovery of women artists from all over the world. Serving as a means to fill the negative space left between the many men in the art canon, the Pretty Brilliant issue was a response to an almost complete absence of womankind from the first editions of the most authoritative books on all matters art history: Janson’s History of Art and Gombrich’s The Story of Art. Far from complete, our mission continues here, with the second of three volumes in the Pretty Brilliant series which together will form a sister to these titles.

Dr Helen Gørrill found that artworks, which often increase in value when a male painter puts his signature on them, plummet in value upon being signed by a woman (source: Women Can’t Paint, 2020).
Female artists make an average of 10 cents to the dollar earned by male artists (source: Mary Ann Siegert, The Guardian, 2022).
In a study which presented 1112 subjects with two paintings by unknown artists, the majority (54%) preferred art by women but found art by men to be more valuable (source: Hoffman & Coates, 2022).
Gallerists give preference to artists without gaps in their CV, so women taking maternity leave are less ‘desirable’ (source: WOMEN Inc., 2022).
The most expensive artwork ever sold by a women artist doesn’t rank within the top 100 most expensive artworks ever sold (source: Wikipedia).

Guest curated by globally acclaimed art historian and curator Catherine de Zegher, this issue is dedicated to the women that withdrew from centers of powers to make their own way. Often finding themselves in relentlessly wild places at the mercy of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and void. Opening the issue, is a written piece by award winning author Alice Albinia, who delves deep into the history of matriarchal societies and women in the wild. The issue is divided into five chapters for each element. Set to the poetry of the late Etel Adnan, each section holds the space for artists from all over the world who have generated beauty within the orbit of each element.

For this issue See All This has worked together with RKD — Netherlands Institute for Art History. While the RKD is stepping up its research on women artists, Dr Kriszti Vákár, curator of Modern and Contemporary Art, delved into RKD’s database and archives and selected almost thirty artist whom we all need to know.

The award winning first volume, published in 2020 was sold out after two print runs and received glowing reviews from newspapers and from pioneers in the campaign to increase visibility for women artists including Dr Griselda Pollock and Barbara Lee. The Pretty Brilliant series, which makes room for hundreds of women artists from around the world, will serve as a source of information and inspiration for curators, art historians, educators, museums, gallerists and art lovers.

Images from See All This #28 
Pretty Brilliant 
women in the arts vol. II



Curated by the celebrated Catherine de Zegher 
Essay by award winning author Alice Albinia
Bilangual: English and Dutch
200 pages
International distritbution via Boutique Mags
In stores from 2 December until 15 March
The issue will be available as a Limited Edition: a collectable item in a handmade linen-wrapped Pretty Brilliant-box


For a review copy, image requests or more information, please contact Lavinia Lurvink: [email protected], tel: +316 233 318 53



‘Visually overwhelming’ ****

‘This landmark edition of See All This is a thrilling celebration. It’s also a critical reminder of the work that remains to be done to elevate women artists’ commentary on the world.’
– Barbara Lee

‘Catherine de Zegher’s work is a monument to art and to feminism but above all fidelity to deep thought and the obligation to cherish, study, and sustain our creative artists.’ 
– Griselda Pollock

‘The magazine is a treasure trove overflowing with extraordinary art’’
– de Volkskrant


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